silicon microneedle platform

Bella-mu provides easy to use intradermal injections when comparing to Mantoux, for companies developing cancer vaccinesBella-vue provides suprachoroidal injections to reach the posterior of the eye, for companies developing therapies involving the suprachoroidal route of administration. What is your application?


We achieve this by designing and manufacturing easy-to-use, patient friendly silicon microneedles which are very sharp and precise. Our proprietary technology makes use of  innovative manufacturing processes and needle designs. Furthermore U-Needle is full scope ISO 13485 certified.  

Bella-mu | the intradermic needle is our CE certified and FDA approved product range and is well received by clinicians. 

We focus on intradermal and suprachoroidal delivery and, together with our B2B customers, aim for improved therapies.

Routes of administration

Our vision

Microneedle injection technology will unlock the potential of precise, superficial drug delivery - such as intradermal and suprachoroidal - enabling improved therapies.