Intradermic needle

Our perpendicular intradermic needles are intended for injection of substances that are approved for intradermal or subcutaneous use, for example in the fields of vaccination, drug delivery, diabetes, cancer treatment, immunotherapy or aesthetics. In short, any therapy requiring or benefiting from intradermal delivery.

Bella-mu is CE-registered in Europe. As clinician or practitioner in Europe, you use the intradermic needles in accordance with the instructions. You can download the instructions here. Watch our injection videos for examples of intradermal injections.

Intradermic versus hypodermic needles

The traditional procedure of ID injection (often called the Mantoux Technique) involves the use of hypodermic needles and injecting at angle of of 5 to 15 degrees angle, almost against the skin. With bevel (opening) side up, insert about 3 mm with entire bevel inside and inject while watching for a small wheal or bleb to appear. The small injection angle cause large angular dependency of injection depth. Recent scientific literature suggests that about 70% of the intradermal injections performed with the Mantoux technique fail and actually end up in the hypodermis[1].

Our intradermic needles inject perpendicularly into the dermis, leading to simple and exact control of injection depth. Watch our injection videos to learn more.

[1] Injection Depth in Intradermal Therapy: Update and Correction of Published Data, Micheels P, Goodman L., J Drugs Dermatol. 2018 Jan 1;17(1):88-96