Drug Development

Intradermal injection is emerging as the preferred route of administration for many innovative therapies in, for example, immunotherapy, vaccination and aesthetics. However, the standard-of-care method for intradermal injection, the almost a century old "Mantoux technique", is a procedure that improperly uses hypodermic needles (intended for injections under the dermis) and as a result is complex and unreliable. Hereby, the Mantoux technique impedes pharmaceutical innovation.

Dose sparing

More and more clinical results prove that ID injections create higher immune responses. When taken into account that many of these ID injections were not even the best ID injections, because injected volumes were too big or even the injection itself was too deep, it becomes clear that the ID route is indeed very promising. This huge dose sparing potential means saving lives with less drug and less (or no) adjuvants. Manufacture more, ramp up faster, less side effects. For ID delivery the best is still to come.

Less variation

We can help you maximise the benefit of the intradermal administration route for your drug product. This can be a any immune therapy related drug product, like a vaccin, cancer, diabetes or allergy treatments. A perfectly reliable ID injection in the right dermal sub-layer means a much higher efficacy and therefore much less variation in your clinical results. This saves you time and money in development.

In-house development

Our product development process, as part of our full quality assurance system, yields needle designs that fulfil customer and regulatory requirements, e.g. Directive 93/42/EEC. We are fully dedicated to translate your customer requirements into your custom designs, dedicated to you and built on our proprietary intradermal microneedle technology. Just challenge us!

Development | Licencing

If you are interested in and want to know more about design & development or licensing, or you want to use our existing products for your therapy, please contact our CBDO Dr. Gert Veldhuis directly, or send your request to bd@uneedle.com for more information.