Bella-mu | the intradermic needle

Our range of easy to use Bella-mu intradermic needles is CE registered for use by clinical staff in European clinics. Bella-mu 1.4 mm targets the core of the dermis, Bella-mu 1.8 mm targets the lower layers of the dermis.

Please note that dermis thickness varies strongly, depending on body location, from 0.5 mm to more than 2 mm.

Besides these 1.4 mm and 1.8 mm microneedles, we have more Bella-mu lengths in development to target the upper layers of the dermis close to the epidermis.

perpendicular | simple

short & sharp | comfortable

1 ml syringes | standard

no needle wear | multiple use

More injection & infusion needles

Next to single cannula intradermic needle designs, we have other single and multineedle products in development. Please contact us for more details.