Call for clinical collaboration in Europe

In 2018 our first product, Bella-mu, was approved for intradermal injections in Europe. Furthermore, our first research prototypes of Dia-mu basic, an intradermal infusion set, become available for clinical research in the first quarter of 2019 too. This means we are ready to support clinical therapy development in Europe for both intradermal injection and infusion.

The Dia-mu basic accelerates the uptake of drugs upon infusion into the skin. It was developed for insulin infusion as part of diabetic glycemic control. Standard infusion technology used in diabetic pump therapy and artificial pancreas systems, infuse drugs into the subcutaneous parts of the skin, whereas our infusion set Dia-mu uses the intradermal route of administration. This reduces system onset (response) times dramatically. The approach results in lower required drug doses, faster system response and in combination with artificial pancreas systems a true postprandial glycemic control without patient control.

The Bella-mu needle benefits therapies that require accurate dosing of drugs via the intradermal route of administration. Since standard techniques for intradermal injection show a high failure rate (70% of ID injections is too deep), while Bella-mu does not, switching to Bella-mu needles reduces the number of subjects and improves the consistency of results in clinical development dramatically, saving you both time and money.

With both intradermal products we intend to expand our activities in the diabetes and vaccination/immunotherapy practices. So if you are a doctor or researcher developing a therapy that depends on the intradermal route of administration or benefits from faster onset into the blood stream, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to start a collaboration project with you to help you improve your therapy.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the use of our intradermic needles and infusion sets in your clinical trial.