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Bella-vue | the suprachoroidal needle

U-Needle's Bella-vue suprachoroidal needle is our silicon microneedle in development for the delivery of drugs to the suprachoroidal space. This space, between the sclera and the choroid, spans the whole back of the eye and somewhat extends to the front. It can be conveniently accessed with a microneedle of the appropriate length. Fluids injected into the suprachoroidal space in the front part of the eye (4-5mm backward from the Limbus) will spread throughout the space. This enables targeted drug delivery to the choroid and the retina. Injections with the Bella-vue needle will be performed in an in-office setting, minimising the cost of the procedure and the burden on the patient. The Bella-vue needle is compatible with any Luer-lock syringe.

Various evaluation studies in animal models such as rabbits, pigs and nonhuman primates have demonstrated safe en effective delivery of compounds to the back of the eye upon suprachoroidal injection with the Bella-vue needle. Currently U-Needle is teaming up with pharmaceutical partners developing various therapies for major retinal diseases.

Please contact us to discuss the use of the Bella-vue silicon microneedle for the suprachoroidal delivery of your therapy.

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Advantages of the Bella-vue suprachoroidal needle

Suprachoroidal injections enable access to the back of the eye as fluid spreads posteriorly from the injection site in a circumferential manner. Providing excellent bioavailabillty of therapeutic formulations.

Due to the small bevel size of U-Needles' Bella-vue, the injection depth is consistent and precise.

The Bella-vue is a high-tech solution disguised as an ordinary hypodermic needle. Its design facilitates a perpendicular injection and it can be attached to any Luer-lock syringe. Thereby allowing usability in an in-office setting.