Manufacturing | Bringing the Best of the Semiconductor Industry to Needle Manufacturing

High volume semiconductor technology

Uneedle's technology is built on a reconfigurable, automated manufacturing platform. Uneedle uses standard Front-End and reconfigurable, fully automated Back-End processes from (high-tech) semiconductor industry, yielding a fully scalable manufacturing line with highest quality and world’s first reconfigurable and fully scalable silicon microneedle manufacturing platform.  Allowing high volume microneedle production ready for very large-scale volumes.

GMP compliant cleanroom manufacturing

Our high-tech semiconductor based manufacturing platform is established at our cleanroom facilities in the Netherlands, consisting of Front End and Back End manufacturing processes. 

Front End manufacturing involves MEMS processing of silicon wafers, to ultimately generate an atom-sharp hollow needle cannula, followed by microscopic inspection to detect defects. 

Back End manufacturing involves assembly of the needle products, starting by die sorting, then picking the needle from the front end needle wafers followed by placing them into the hub. Final needle inspection is performed by automated optical inspection.

Finally the assembled needles are packed in a sterile barrier system and sterilized.